University of the Philippines (UP) Job Opportunity

I was really glad that my mum insisted before and convinced me to enroll here in the University of the Philippines. Though I passed the UPCAT Los Banos Campus with the degree to be taken was Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, my mum decided that I will just enroll Bachelor of Science in Biology for me to have the opportunity to pursue Medical Degree soon if I wanted to. Well, my mum had a point. However, what I wanted to share now is all of the opportunities that my university has been giving us – Iskolar ng Bayan (UP students, UP alumni).

Humbly telling, it is really true, as of what I am experiencing, about what many had said that “IT IS THE JOB WHICH IS THE ONE LOOKING FOR UP GRADUATES. haha.

Am I boastful? I think am not. Nope! Am really not! This is just an encouragement to all that enroling in any UP campuses is not a waste of time and definitely not a waste of money. Just take note, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES IS THE COUNTRY’S PREMIERE SCHOOL FOR HIGHER LEARNING! EXCELLENCE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR!

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