Waving "BYE" to WINDOWS XP

Should I say, we need to use or forced to use Windows Vista since Windows XP will not be sold anymore here in the Philippines by February?

I have read a news article regarding Windows XP from the ABS-CBN News online saying that Microsoft Philippines will not be selling Windows XP anymore. Perhaps, computer-freaked buyers are forced to purchase computer units with Windows Vista as the operating system. hek hek hek. “We are really proud and happy that Windows XP made a difference in the market. It has empowered a lot of customers and contributed to the growth of most businesses in terms of their IT infrastructure,” quoted from the Product Manager for Windows, Microsoft Philippines, Chay Saputil last January 20, 2009 from ABS-CBN News.

Well, compared to the previous OSystems microsoft is having, Vista is the most, so far, secured OS and very reliable. However, as what I have observed, it is very heavy to the HDD and RAM of the computer unit. Some of my friends’ units having below 2.0 GHz processor speed work and even load the OS very slow.

With this information, I am hoping that by using Windows Vista, everything would be ok.