Wishing to have a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP?

I’ve been suffering MIGRAINE and SINUSITIS that often complicates. A very painful head that sometimes, I wanted to bump into something hard or even stop breathing instead. A very unexplainable feeling I used to experience especially when my period is nearing, whew, I almost been very puzzled then. I can’t even sleep if I wished to just to somehow be numb or to forget those things, but I really cannot. Even my medical doctors wouldn’t know then what to do with these since this is a genetic factor (hereditary) and that even if I would always take medicines, there are no cure til now but just preventions. However, in my case, to prevent these to occur are very impossible because of so many stresses in school and I am also exposed to air pollution (which is one thing that always triggers my sinusitis).

Desperately, of my hopes to look for helpful articles online regarding sinusitis and migraine, I, instead, stopped on how to have a very good night sleep since I am also an INSOMNIAC lassy. I used to have a sleep at around 2 or 3 in the morning and wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning.

Well anyway, what made me very interested with the article that I found entitled Want to have a good night sleep? was that, the one and only thing to have a good night sleep is to have the right partner in life.

Haha. This what made me laugh so loud, believe it or not though I found myself very bitter also. Haha. I then asked myself, So, would this mean that I could only have a very good night sleep as soon as I get married of a good man? What if, he isn’t would be? haha..

To read more of the article, here it is.

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