It’s almost a month that I haven’t seen my nephew and niece, DIDONG and DIDANG, respectively. I haven’t gone home yet, in our farm, since the last time I had on my mum’s birthday. I am badly missing my nephew and niece now. grrrrrrrr..
Evrytime I look at our picture (above), this was taken on January 24, before the party for my mum’s birthday, I haven’t noticed tears just went off. grrrrrrr.. I am really badly missing my two playmates. I am the youngest in our a family, since then, I got no one to play with but only my elder sister. The time Didong and Didang came, I was very happy that I got my younger playmates. whew!I wanted to go home but I cannot. I still need a lot to do like school stuffs, basically, school stuffs. grrrrr..


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