I have my closest friend who just had a break-up with his two (2) years and three (3) months boyfriend. Within those years of staying together in a long distance relationship since the guy was assigned in Metro Manila, Philippines and my friend is just here in Davao City, they had build a very good relationship then. Their families had already accepted the couples. Actually, they are already engaged just last year, I forgot the month. hehe!

Last week Friday, Feb. 13, we were planning, I and my friend, to have a lunch date on valentines day since his boyfriend is in Metro Manila. However, the guy just surprisingly arrived at my friend’s house around 7:00 PM on that day. My friend then told me to cancel our valentine lunch.

This morning, I and my friend met in one of the malls here in Davao City. We, as usual, went window shopping. While shopping, she confessed that her bf is having another girl. She has read something on the mobile phone of the guy. Stupidly, the guy admitted. However, my friend, even though she haven’t told me directly that she’s still in love with the guy, I know that she still have the feelings and willingness to have there relationship on. She said she’s still confused as of this time what to do. I told her not to rushly decide to what to do.

With much much things talked, my attention was caught by a cutie book displayed in the national bookstore. The cover itself has already a lot to explain, I think to my friend, BEING SINGLE IS BETTER THAN BEING MARRIED TO AN UNSUITABLE PARTNER. I just let her read the cover page of the book and told her, “..i think this is what you really need as of runnin’ out of words..”.

We just had coffee then.. *sigh*

P.S. Woops, believe us or not, we’re talking in English!

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