Follow Me FRIDAY

Whattaaaaa cliche! HAPPY HEART’s Month to us!

I just joined this Follow Me Friday thingy for us to be so so so much IN LOVE. haha! Do I make sense? hehe! Please don’t tell AM NOT! I would be very hurt! huhu! I know am still a very young lady coz my mum always told me that, as if she’s a broken DVD telling me that, “My baby Gagay is trying to be old.” Wow! Oh mum, do I look and act as if am a baby? Well, I understand my mum, somehow. I am the youngest and so she doesn’t want to miss her most spoiled brat kid who’s really trying to be one really WOMAN. haha! I’m OLD, INDEPENDENT, yet YOUNG LASSY still. haha! Honestly, my mum won’t allow me to have a boyfriend or any to have a date. bwahahah! so I just stay as I am now until am done with medical school and would top the medical board exam. *sigh*

Anyway, should you just have a very lovely visit to On the Verge to grab some love too. hehe.

I am hoping that YOU, I mean, WE’ll all have a very lovely Valentines Day and Heart’s Month.

Keep loving and happy blogging!

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