From RareJob Lesson: COUPLES’ PRIVACY

Last night, I had a lesson, I mean, supposed to be a lesson with a new registered student in RareJob. It’s a 25-minute lesson from 11:00 until 11:30 PM, Philippine time and that was 12:00 MN until 12:30 AM Japan time. We are using the skype application when having a lesson.

The student who registered, I’ll just disclose her as April, used/registered “account1” as her skype account. This was also the skype account which she has posted in her RareJob profile, so tutors/teachers will just be able to contact her using account1.

I rang her seconds before our lesson schedule started. Someone answered the phone. I was expecting that my student that time will be a lassy, however, I just hear lad’s voice. And oh, he speaks english fluently. I asked then to myself, Isn’t this crazy? He’s enrolling in an online english tutorial that he’s already fluent in english?. Hmp?!? Since that was our first time to have a lesson, I introduced myself. He asked me a lot about Philippines and about myself also. When I asked him to introduce himself, he asked me, “why should I? I’m Jan” (I disclosed him as such). Oh!?! I was shocked. I explained to him everything about the company. He told me that he is also an english teacher in Japan, but a half Filipino-American lad, adding some, “why should I study english then?”. Honestly, If only I can scream, then I did it already. I got my blood pressure so high.

I clarified to him if the skype account, account1, was really his’ and he said yes. I asked him if he knew April, the one who was registered in RareJob and supposed to be my student. What makes me more tempered was that, April is his girlfriend. Suddenly, April arrived. Jan asked her, “do you know RareJob?. Oh! I supposed to have a lesson in RareJob now, and that would be my first time to have it..” April replied then laughed. “Is that the RareJob teacher?”, she added. “Yeah”, Jan said and asked more, “why did you used my skype account?“. While still laughing, April smoothly said, “coz I do not have my own yet”..with some Japanese words (I couldn’t understand those). Jan’s voice’s tone has changed saying, “Why you didn’t registered your own before having RareJob? So every night you’ll be using my skype account and my password? Oh oh! You should have your own”.

Well, here’s what am gonna share to you. I promise that this would be the last time to talk about valentines, lovers, couples thingy, hehe. If you’re gonna use your partner’s personal accounts, NEVER forget to inform him/her BEFORE you’ll use his/her account. Though you’re already boyfriends/girlfriends, husband/wife, there are still PRIVACY from each party. RESPECT is needed.

And what happened to our lesson? I ended up listening to them arguing on skype account only until the lesson schedule ended. pew!

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