How can I tell him I LOVE him?

Promise! I am over with valentine sickness! haha! Do I really need to tell this one again and again? Honestly, am OVER, if there will be one specific word to describe OVER more than OVER, then that would be the word. hehe!

Anyway, how was your valentines then? Mine? T’was definitely absolutely VERY FINE! [hope you won’t read this I sound such?] ..was really fine. We had a lunch date with my cousins, play arcade games, supposed to watch a movie but no interesting film to be watched to, so just had fun shopping then.. And since I am having my online english tutorial, need to be back home before 7:00 PM.

Well then, the whole night, having lessons with my Japanese students, all we talked were about Japan’s valentines day celebration. Woaah! What an awesome celebration, I can say, they’re having! Valentines day, for Japanese, is the time for GIRLS, LADIES, WOMEN, anything you want to call us (except BITCH and the like..) to EXPRESS FEELINGS for BOYS, GENTS, MEN.
Great, isn’t it? They, I mean, Japanese women can do or tell anything they want to to the man they like. For instance, giving chocolates is the most common to them. Women give chocolates to men.

Whaataaa great valentines day that would be for us – women then! ahahah! Can I practice that one here in the Philippines? What do you think? Well then I would surely know how and have the courage to tell what I feel to the foolish guy I am admiring then.

Oh gagay, stop dreaming! You’re Filipina! Yes, I am..but, HOW CAN I TELL HIM I LOVE HIM?

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