I am having a hang-over doing laboratory exercises in our Bio 120 (Cell Biology) laboratory class. Grrrrr.. We ended at around almost 6:00 PM besides our laboratory class would only end until 4:00 PM from 1:00 PM. gosh! We did spectrophotometry of leaves and indeed was very tiring and boring since we need to wait for 5 minutes (interval) for every samples to be run into the spectrophotometer. What made the laboratory worst was that, we need to complete 4 different samples having 3 trials where we need to run each trials in a spectrophotometer for 30 minutes every after 5 minutes…grrrrrrrr..
However, I was still somehow relieved with our morning lecture class on lysosomes, peroxisomes and glyoxisomes where our professor had emphasized to us how IMPRESSIVE CELLS are. They’re actually doing a lot of things in our body ORGANIZEDLY. How? For instance, the LYSOSOME, it degrades all the waste materials produced by all other organelles in the cells. It’s actually like a trash can and an incinerator too that after all the trashes has been dumped to it, the lysosome will recycle and do some stuffs to make those trashes usuable for the cells.

See? That is just one of the wondrous and impressive cells we have, actually. Even the smallest we have are doing so so great every now and then to us, hoping that we’ll gonna take care of them too – like, eating the right foods, sleep well, do exercises, be healthy and happy!