I did it!

Yes! I finally did it!

I got my JS-Kit, Comment Luv and EC are working now!

I was, honestly, frustrated last time when my JS-kit didn’t work. Even Mariuca and Uncle Che, as introduced by Te Lainy, has already been goin’ through with my dashboard and everything.. I just realized when I checked the HTML code of my previous template that there are scripts that disable the use of Java scripts. whew! What I did at first was to do some tweaks on it, however, I still failed. grrrrrrr… And oh, that time, my EC was also something like teasing me. hmp!?!?
I said to myself, I know I can make this ok.. I can solve this one. Just then I decided to tweak a new template that is just almost the same with the previous. hehe.. Believe me or not, I tweaked this new template for less than an hour plus all the JS-kit integration and everything. haha. Now, I can say, frustrations can make you do something! haha!

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