I met a cute doctor at the hospital..

..yesterday, that’s why I was out online.

My cousin, Nicholas, was rushed into the Davao Doctors Hospital yesterday afternoon at around 5:00 PM, after suffering from acute pain with his fractured right arm. His teacher called me, since I stand as their only guardian here – there parents are in Metro Manila now, and they’re staying with me at home, telling that Nicholas slid, fell, and fractured his own right arm after playing with his classmates during break time. His teacher brought him at the nearest medical clinic and had his xray. Doctor recommended him to have a surgery the soonest. Thence, I called his teacher to bring him to DDH (Davao Doctors Hospital) instead.I was shaking. I dunno what to do.

However, when I got to the ER, two intern surgical doctors (I thought so) welcomed me with big smiles. Gosh! You can still smile at me gratefully? If only you knew what am feelin’ now! Am gonna explode. One of them asked me, using Bisaya and Tagalog dialects, regarding the situation and what had happened to my cousin. While we’re talking, one patient just arrived, so, that doctor left and I only have the other one. We talked. He talked smoothly. In English. What if you’ll be having patients who couldn’t understand and doesn’t really knew how to speak english, what would happen to the patient then? Thinking that he was assigned in the ER (emergency room). [I admit that not all the patients, even this is one of the top-ranked hospitals here in Mindanao, Philippines, can use and understand english fluently.]

Nevertheless, we understood each other well. And oh, he’s cute.

When I was done transacting all the necessary things – payments, important details, etc., we were then transferred to our room. After dinner, I supposed to do brushing my teeth when someone was knocking on the door and I was just surprised it was the cute spokening dollar (I and my friends used to call spokening dollar to anybody used to speak english, hehehe) doctor. I even asked him, what can I do to you doc? hahah! Should I really need to ask him like that? He said he was just checking my cousin. Huh? Checking my cousin, it’s not supposed to be your work, you’re supposed to be at the ER. In fact, you’re not the Orthopedic Surgeon of my cousin nor his anaesthesiologist, Itold to myself. Then he left. Few minutes after, maybe only 5, he came back. We talked for a while, I wasn’t able to brush yet my teeth and just holding the toothbrush with me. haha. Shameful talks, I could say. When he left, finally, and never came back, the attending nurse of Nicholas told me, Ma’am, that was Dr. Someone (damn! I forgot his name!), he’s Indonesian. Isn’t he cute? Then she smiled. If only I can raise my eyebrow pathetically I’ll ask the nurse, then? what’s mine?But deep inside me, I would glad to know him. hahah!

Well, so much with him, when we – with hospital attendants, brought Nicholas at the OR this morning, I saw him again. haha. So much, gagay! So much! haha. Hmp!?!? I was blushing that even the attending doctors and nurses inside the OR noticed it. Some nurses revealed that they have a crush on the Dr. Indonesian also. wahahahha!

Woooh! This must be it. So much with him.. heheh! Anyway, I was with Nicholas inside the OR during the operation since he didn’t want me to leave him. And now, were at home. Nicholas is ok now. We only stayed there for 24 hours since there were no lacerations and infections.

Speechless now. I’ll just be waking up later for EC dropping.



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