Laziness pays..

Honestly, I am getting lazy to post here this very morning. However, got nothing to do. Can’t sleep. I’m just done with my thesis revisions. And now, am just dropping EC. My mind is jumping from a lot of ideas. I need to do yoga – balance!

What more can I tell? Actually a lot! 🙂

Mmmm.. Have you ever wondered and asked yourself why you feel jealous to someone or something? Hmp!?!? JEALOUSY. Take note of this, it can be learned. Why? Simply because the part of the brain (rostral anterior cingulate cortex) which makes us feel jealous (mental pain) is absolutely the part which assesses physical pain. The more this part feels mentally illed, the more we get jealous to something or someone. The more you think of feeling pain, insecurities, the more you’ll get jealous.
So..stay mentally healthy! Live your life healthy, physically and mentally!

Well..laziness pays!

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