My COMFORT ROOM is the Davao City NCCC Mall

Four days to go, it’ll be Valentines Day already. *sigh*. However, I do not know yet what to do then. Before, we used to have barkada night out – drink, got to videoke bars, and a lot more. Since almost all of my friends are already having there job, boyfriends and some even got married, they can’t easily get back here in Davao City just to have those gimiks that we usually we do before, I do not know now what I should do this weekend. grrrrrrrr..

Hmp!?!?! So much with those valentine sickness that I have, after school this morning, I dropped by in the New City Commercial Center Mall (NCCC Mall), a nearby mall in our subdivision just to pee. hehe. Since I was already there, I tried to check some cellular phones coz the cellphone booths were just near the comfort room. I found there the latest myphone cellular phones being displayed. tsk. tsk. tsk. I then thought of having a new cellular phone instead of going out this valentines day. haha! whataaaa freakin’ idea i had!

The myphone which lured me most was the T12 Duo model. It was very slim, that’s what I like it the most. And oh, touched screen also. Plus, since it is a duo model, 2 sims can be used at the same time. So great! wow! I was speecheless then after the saleslady told my the price. :c
Hmp!?!? What shall I do now? I was just gone bankcrupt last week. hahaha! I then went home. pew! What I did in the mall was just go peeing. haha!

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