OFF for Cell Biology Exam

Tomorrow at 10 AM [ Phil time ], I will be having an exam. That will be our second long exam for this semester in Bio 120: Cell Biology lecture class. Hmp?!?! Whew! Got butterflies in my stomach now.. I want bananas.. bananas.. bananas..

I need to study hard. I am expected to graduate this year, so must I, break a leg.

I just want to share one lecture quiz that we had last week, Feb. 03, 2009. It was about lysosomes. Our teacher gave us an essay type of quiz. She said anything you want to write describing lysosomes is very ok. Here’s my essay answer.

As what Ma’am Novero has said last week, “IMPRESSIVE CELLS”, yes they really are.
And for me, the most impressive one is the lysosome. Though in large scale,
it can be noted to as septic tank where in all of the waste materials from other
organelles in a cell has been dumped up, lysosome can also be considered the recycler or
incinerator where it process those waste materials and make it more reusable
for the cell. Woah! Lysosome is so matiyaga [hardworker]! Who the heck in this
damn world can we compare to lysosome? And more, it cannot be affected readily with
outer addicts, hehe [bad sectors] since its wall is highly glycosylated. It’s like having a
bullet proof. And even there are gangster trying to evade the cell, it cannot be damaged
because of its defense – its high pH.

And you know what? Our professor gave me 10 out of 10 and commented “funny ka!” [you are funny!] with smiley icon .

P. S. Pardon me with my penmanship.

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