Philippines is 4th on CHOCOLATE LOVER’s Destination

Whew! It’s so good to know that Philippines is one of those featured love flock chocolate dating destination in I could still remember what my friend, who has visited Baguio City has asked me to visit there and have some bites of the famous tsokolate de batirol, has told me about the famous chocolate there. I do not know, perhaps, am not sure how would this be correctly pronounced, tsokolate de batirol. According to her, the name of the chocolate was derived from the name of the pot where that chocolate was made. Isn’t it yummy to think?
What I have read in was that other than the Baguio City’s chocolate, the Bohol’s Chocolate Hills has been mentioned also and the famous Cacao Desserts from here in Davao City. Though chocolate hills is not a yummy choco, kidding! however, visiting and spending valentines day in Bohol’s Chocolate Hills would be the most sweetest choco-filled valentines day any couple would have. *giggles*

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