I could still remember how crazy my 14-year old third year high school cousin – Xavier, forming, analyzing and practicing Rubik’s cube. After, less than a month of doing so, he finally has reached his goal to solve the cube in less than a minute. And oh, believe it or not, he really can solve a Rubik’s 3 x 3 cube at around 40-50 seconds only. Gosh!

What makes me remember of him is that the maker of Rubik’s cube, Erno Rubik, has invented a new one in this case, spherical. haha! Rubik called it 360 toy. The purpose of the toy is to change the position of the six balls in the central sphere to have them on same compartment when viewed from the outer sphere.

What makes this one more convenient, for me to solve, is that you won’t be memorizing those algorithms anymore. haha. But this toy will be available still this July. *sigh*

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