SATURDAY SIX Relationship

Woooooooooo! These past few days, as I observed, I think the wind got me PRESSURES in welcoming FEBRUARY. haha. Is this about the thought of celebrating HEART’s DAY or HEART’s Month? haha..

Why PRESSURED? It is simply because everytime I visit blogs or even online newspapers, what has always been bumping in are VALENTINES, DATING, HEARTS articles. It becomes almost a cliche to me. hahah!

So heres again one cliche I got interested with from BlazingMinds. Haha. I know this post should just be on Saturday, but for me to be different, haha, I want to post this one today – Sunday!heheh!

As usual you can either answer the questions here or copy the questions on to your blog with a link back here (and leave a link in the comments).

  1. Are you in a relationship? > YES. haha. FRIENDSHIP.
  2. How long for? > I think, since I could have an idea to what friendship would mean. haha.
  3. If you were to go out with a friend of the opposite sex would your partner get jealous? > NO. Before, when I got BF, he allows me to go out. Off course, I ask permission, religiously, first before I gone out.
  4. If you forgot an anniversary how would you make it up to your partner? > haha. Mostly, SURPRISES.
  5. Have you ever lied about where you have been, just to keep the peace? > NO. I think, this is one DUMBfull idea.
  6. Do you still walk hand in hand when you are out together? > Yeah! BEFORE, should I clear it out? BEFORE! haha..

To those who want to repost this, you can. Just ping me.

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