SEX Education: at HOME or at SCHOOL?

These past days, I have noticed that almost all of the bloggers have been posting about the 13-year-old father. Indeed, he really became father with that young age. Not just the blogosphere has been aware of this but the whole world, I guess.
Where does SEX EDUCATION be really learnt?

We are very aware that population is rapidly increasing, global warming does too and global economic recession has almost highten to its peak. What more can we do to add up these things that even when we’re just sleeping, we cannot deny that we are part of it? In everything that we do, we’re almost trying to steal a second to spend for living.

Sex education, I think, is really needed in high schools this time. Surely, this teenage father, or being a teenage father is not just happening in Europe, but in Asia also and the whole world. It’s just that publicity in Europe of this 13-year-old father is very high. Maybe, enough for him that he haven’t had aborted the baby.

Believing it or not, not all the goodness in this world are could be learnt at home. Sex education is one of those. How and when could the parents talk with their kids regarding sexual thingy like sexual relationships, contraceptives, reproduction and the like?

How? When?

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