The BEST Valentine’s Day Gift

Though I am not hoping to receive a gift from someone this valentine’s day, I just want to share one of the best and recommended, haha, 2009 valentine gift every girl is wishing for.

I actually have read from about valentines sickness. hehe. Am I very desperate to celebrate valentines with someone? No! I can say. What I can always read from online news are valentines thingy, so I guess, am not that desperate yet. haha. Defensive? burp..burp..burp..

Well, here’s the best velentine gift everybody is wishing for and worth fighting for. haha. As the article from has said, “A Valentine Day Gift that worth fighting for“, should I say, is this really the gift that worth fighting for? haha.

As you can see, it’s obviously an MSI computer. This is the company’s “Valentine Edition” that comes with Windows XP Home Edition having a 1.6GB Intel Atom processor and a 160GB hard drive. wow! And has built in gadgets such as WiFi, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, a microphone, multimedia controls, and a built-in 1.3-megapixel webcam.

The price? oh! So so pocket-friendly that I can even think of changing my latest Toshiba (which was just bought last December) laptop computer. hek hek hek. You can visit the website of MSI, for the price.

Whew! For those who will be given this kind of gift, a very happy happy valentines day to you! Can anybody ping me if you happen to receive one of these?heheh!

More about the Valentine Gift here.

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