Valentine SICKNESS: ONLINE Dating?

It’s not that I am really desperate enough to have a valentines date, ahaha, defensive?. NO! Am not. It’s just that I am USED TO THIS and hoping to have one SERIOUS DATE this Valentines Day of 2009. I mean, what I observe is that, every February, I do not have a BOYFRIEND, whooooo! should I say, a serious one. Cruel, the situation for me!

Hmp!?! Well, I got an idea now. Haha. Should I just do ONLINE DATING? LOL!

But, I realized it’s not that easy after reviewing notes regarding online dating. Even though it was still a plan, I came to think that it’s not really that good (for me) because, when I able to read the article, the first noted thing there was“DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME”. Haha. Yeah. I just thought then not to waste my time having dates online.

I think, I just need not to rush through with those dating thingy 🙁

Actually there were 10 things that were noted in this article.

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