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I know and am a bit sure you all have your brilliant IDEAS wanted to share with me. I cannot deny, though am almost 2 years in the blogosphere, I am still needing your words to have my blog and even me, myself, to improve, physically, mentally, personally!

With this, I decided to feature the FIRST WALKER to share IDEAS and COMMENTS in every posts I have. I am gonna be using your EC widget to have it be featured here daily, or say everytime am having a post. For those who do not have EC widget, you can mail me a copy of any widget you have. But off course, I am expecting and hoping a very relevant idea from you to the post that I’ll be having here.
Posts where I can feature the FIRST WALKER will show my FIRST WALKER widget (above) anywhere in my blog post.

Not all of the commenters here whom I could personally, or say, even through the blogosphere where I can give thanks to him/her. And I think, through featuring you – commenters, will be much of the appreciation that I can give to you!

Happy blogging!

P.S. Since I got my Comment Luv not working yet here, should you – all the commenters upload your avatarin the upper right part of the comment boxor your link, this is just for me to know which blog you’re using..

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