WANTED: EC Dropper, I am.


I do not know what happen to my everything – blog now. These past days, I was having a problem with comment luv. And now, the entrecard. grrrrrrrrr… I do not know I cannot log-in there. I didn’t even changed any informations like the password or the email address. I used not to log-out my accounts since am just the only one using my computer. I guess, actually am really sure, that I only has dropped 15 ECs today and then suddenly my account has logged out and I cannot log back in.

I do not know what happen and what to do! I did the necessary things to get back informations like the retrieval of password and so, but nothing! Nothing really happens. I still cannot access my EC. I hate it. I hate it.

Well, I need not to freak out here. But honestly, I am very tempered now. I dunno. I dunno what to do. tsk tsk tsk. I even want to scream especially when my cousin was teasing me and telling me “blogging sucks” and then took some pics of mine. Hate it! I wanted to eat him.. He even used my freakin’ digital camera – broken LCD, it shows either pink or green on white areas.Definitely, I hate my day. No EC dropping. No CL. But, not with blogging.P. S. Never mind with my pimples.

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