What Happened to COMMENT LUV?

Last week, I decided to use JS-Kit in my comment system where I integrate Comment Luv in it. I do not know what happened that Comment Luv is not working in my JS-Kit. Though, surely as I had, I really did all the necessary procedures there. I even tried reinstalling again and again as what Marzie has adviced me.

For days of doing those things, last night Marzie finally got over with my dashboard. haha. She was really the one who made necessary changes on my blogger dashboard, comment luv and JS-Kit accounts. We’re just using our own gmail accounts as if we’re chatting there. Oops, not the google talk. We really use emails. haha.
After more than 4 hours of fixing, Marzie gave up. grrrrrrrrr.. Even I. uhuhuhu! I do not know what to do with the comment luv now.
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