A HOPE to buy WHEELCHAIR, the soonest.

Last Thursday, March 11, 2009, I blog about a man whom my friend is planning to give just a piece of wheelchair. I was really glad that a lot of our co-bloggers extended their help through donating money.
$5 from Mr. Bill
$5 from Mr. Matt Oxley
$5 from Ate Gengen
$15 from Ate UmmaWe are now having $30 from paypal donations and 2,000.00 PhP (cash). Though this isn’t enough yet, we are very glad that somehow, there are a lot of us who are still having golden heart to share even a little from what they’re having. We do not know yet the exact date when can we purchase the wheelchair, but rest assured, it would be next week.

Just then, I and my friend thought of what would happen then to the man if we only give him a wheelchair? What about food? Shelter? Yeah, he said that we wouldn’t think of it anymore, but he couldn’t stop anyone to think of his situation, ayt?

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