Last October 2008, I had the opportunity to attend the Digital Filipino Club – Davao Bloggers Fellowship Night. It was my first time to attend a blogger summit ( Am not sure if that was still the first time (also) to have a fellowship or gathering of all the Davao Bloggers).
*i was my [elder] sister with me that time (rightmost lass)
I was very glad that I’ve met my co-bloggers. It was not for Davao Bloggers only, there were actually a lot bloggers who came from other areas (in the Philippines). In fact, if am not mistaken, there were Filipino bloggers (already living abroad), who happen to be here last October and able to attend the summit. There were also foreign bloggers who joined and enjoyed the night with us.
*in my left was jed [sentiments of an effed man – my awesome ex co-worker, LOL!]; my sister and i forgot this guest blogger*

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there in the Mindanao Summit held in General Santos City just days after the Davao Fellowship Night. I was busy (enjoying my vacation after a very long field experiment) that time.
Oh! You might be wondering why am I posting this one here, ayt? Think! Think! Think!

Well, it is simply because I am very excited and damn looking forward to meet bloggers personally aside from attending those summit and fellowship thingy. What I mean is just a casual meeting. I am not hypocrite in the blogosphere. I am writing who am I, what I do and what am I longing for. If given a chance to meet, personally, some bloggers, why not celebrate for it, ayt?
Woohoo! I’ll just be posting here soon the exciting events that I’m gonna be soaring!

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