Can you?

I couldn’t do anything from a request of one of my friends to have this post here but to really do what she asked for from me.
She asked me tonight of something to blog. I told her to visit my blog first for her to know how am I doing now. Sometimes, I admit, I am pathetic! hehe. She said she’s no one to run to regarding this situation but me alone. I was a bit touched and so I asked her what is it. If I can help, then I really will, but I cannot promise to have it done immediately since am damn busy.

After she checked, I guess, my blog, I asked her to tell me everything – the lengthy story, I supposed, that she needed to share to me. We were just chatting through skype so for me, that time, I was a bit hesitant at first. But as she sent me photos, it was that time that I’ve decided to spare even 10 minutes to blog.

My friend, and a schoolmate also, told me that she met this beggar in one of the streets here in Davao City the time that they were having feeding program near on that street. I can say that there are really a lot of beggars here in Davao City, I can’t deny that. However, as I’ve asked her why did she stumbled into this beggar, she said he deserved to be helped to compared to others. She talked to the man. The man told her that he doesn’t need any help for his personal life’s situation like being a beggar – looking for food, money or shelter. But, what he only needs is just a piece of wheelchair for him to have on the street. The man is still coming from Metro Manila and was trying to look for his lucks here in Davao City. But because of his diabetes, as what my friend told me, that needs to be treated more than just giving him a wheelchair (but he really prefer a wheelchair than anything else now), he couldn’t do anything more but just to stay in a street corner and wait for someone to hand him either foods or coins. She said that the man really has a good heart and is very deserving for any help.
I was then speechless. I dunno how to react. I just then told her wait for minutes and you’ll have the blog post then.

Why I blog this? Because even I, I was somehow being moved of what my friend has told me. My friend used to help even lil kids and has a very precious heart too. This time, she only needs more precious and grateful hearts to help her and the man to have him even just a wheelchair.

My friend and her friends are planning to purchase a piece of wheelchair for this man. Can we extend some help for him? In any way to help him, can make a great change for him, for sure…

Can you?

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