I want COFFEE!!!

I brought my cousin to have his medical check-up for his allergies last Monday and since it was holiday here in Davao City, a celebration for St. Patrick’s Day,celebrate we ate in an Eat ‘ol You Can restaurant, watched the parade and enjoyed malling after. That night, my friends were asking me to go out for some drinks. They fetched me at home. Since, I was damn not feeling well that time, emotionally, I just went home an hour after. Slept and nothing. I wasn’t able to chopnangih. It was MM – I supposed to have my MM early morning of Monday, but I was able to post it on the afternoon already even in my medical blog’s MM. nangih
And now!?!?sedihsedihsedihsedihsedih I am depressed. I dunno why!?!? I want coffee. minum I have been to coffee shops, trying to have some but I can’t. I mean, I dunno what am looking for that even my most fave coffee can’t dance with me. tension I hate it. I can’t understand myself. soalI am still Gagay then, I know, though.bising

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