I’m GETtin’ BUSY

I know am GETtin’ BUSY now..but I really can’t get through posting MM here..I’m just stealing minutes to post a very busy as bee song here.
Honestly, my schedules are turnin’ into rainbow. Red here, yellow there, whatever color anywhere! I dunno how to fix it. I have a lot of school stuffs to do. I am hoping to graduate this April, so I must cope up with those requirements. Though I can’t feel that I am busy, I just want to act as if am damn busy. hahah. Because I still can manage to blog. wahaha! dahek with me! Haven’t I told you that March is Araw ng Davao celebration? Gosh! I have a lot of scheduled hang-outs! How can I attend to all of my busy as a bee schedules then? I used to sleep at 3 am and got to be asleep at the school library. Be ashamed gagay!

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