I am just a simple lass. I do what I want to do to be happy. Blogging is one of it. Writing is one of my passions, and I go nothin’ else to pour out anythin’ what I want to write but only here in the blogosphere. Here’s what I wanted to tell you. I know, you’re reading this, I mean my page, everyday, every minute. I know you know what I mean, it’s YOU (You know who I mean!!!)! I am busy, ACADEMICALLY. During my vacant time, I blog and drop at some friends’ blogs for me to feel refreshed from damn works. I hate it but got no choice. Don’t ever think that blogging is just what I do my whole life, damn!!! and everytime you ask for something from me, I can give it READILY and EASILY to you! I AM STILL A STUDENT. IS IT TOO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!?!? I am not A SUPERWOMAN, definitely boy! Stop roaming around!

Karyn White Lyrics


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