It’s Friday the 13th

After being so much busy in school, though it’s not yet over, I parked a while in the blogosphere to check some updates – comments, FC and TC. wahahah!
It’s Friday the 13th and I think this has something bad brought to me. I noticed that JS-kit is not updating the comments in my blogger account. Whew!
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In my blogger account, it doesn’t have any comments yet. However, if am gonna visit my blog homepage, it has a lot of comments there already. I haven’t changed any from my blog these past days, so I dunno what really happened coz I’ve been very busy. My cousin told me that maybe my blog is not working properly now coz I haven’t visited/updated this these past days. LOL! Ei! I was busy, how can I then!?!

I decided to disable the JS-Kit. But am still planning to reinstall it, but not yet this time.

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