When I was browsing some friends’ blogs – commenting there and trying to be FC gelakguling, Ate Jean asked me on how to say in tagalog little sister ‘coz am calling her te jean. angel She posted this at Te Ritchel’s post.
I observe that most of you, here in the blogosphere are very confused on how to call me or even pronounce my name properly. Actually, GAGAY is just my nickname. And since then, I am fondly called such – at school (elementary until now – school laboratory reports, quizzes, exams, except those pertinent papers), in our place, friends, relatives, family, and even in the blogosphere. hehe. It’s not that I do not like to be called by my first name, but I am just not used to be called using it.


My name, GAGAY should be pronounced as /gah-guy/, neither /gah-gei/ nor /gei-gei/.jelir


To what te Jean has asked me, since am the youngest our family, and I can feel that also even here in the blogosphere, lol, BUNSO is very welcomed to me. This is only for me. However, generally, in the Philippines, elder siblings just call the younger ones with their names. jelir
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