Never been as BUSY as NOW!

March 2009 is marking the busiest, stressful and most depressing month for me. I missed a lot of things I used to do. nangihThough I didn’t regret, off course, missin’ those makes me more sad. sedihSuch of those things are:
1. RareJob Lessons – ..wasn’t able to conduct classes since the month has started. I’m missin’ my students. However, I’m somehow glad coz I received a pick-up notification from our College (College of Science and Mathematics) Secretary’s Office that I’m having a package from Japan. Woooooooh!!! One of my student’s has told me owso (thru skype), that he sent me something. Though I haven’t received it myself, I’m really excited to pick it up the soonest as I could from the post office near the school.
2. Night Life – ..I have spent only an hour with friends during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration coz of school requirements. And am still having exams this week. Hopefully to be over with exams next week. But still got a lot of requirements (projects) needed to be submitted before the end of the month.
3. Spa – ..I really wanted to have mah ful body spa now. Am still not feeling well..

Got no choice but to prioritize what needs to be done first. I will be out for days from the blogosphere coz of our final exams. I dunno when will I be back here. Hope you all guys won’t stop dropping and leaving some love. I will be missing FC and TC. As I’ll be back, I will just have a lot of surprises to you. I know Ate Ellaine (Scottzprincess) peluk is waiting for this (mah entry of her contest). Not just Te Ellaine, Mariuca (Te Marzie) peluk is owso waiting for mah FC at WOAF and MPG; at Te Ane‘speluk owso, haven’t chopped there yet; Te Jeanpeluk is owso waiting for me at twitter. Pardon me to those I haven’t menioned. Dun worry, yah all in mah hearts. love I will surely be back the soonest as I can. For mah buddies here in Davao City, yeah, Mel, I’ll just contact yah to have us some coffee minum with Shyn and Algene.

Anyway, before I forgot, just wanted to share what RJ is looking for now. We are needing:

part time / full time systems engineer

Here are the responsibilities:
– Developing Web System mainly using PHP-MYSQL
– Maintenance of networks and computers in RareJob call centers

And the requirements are:
– Proficient in English, good communicator and listener
– With at least 1 year experience in Web Development, Proficient in PHP
– Experienced with MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, HTML and CSS
– Knowledge of / Experience with Linux and Windows Operating Systems
– Literate with network connections and hardware
– Patient, Careful, Initiative and can work under minimum supervision
– Willing to adapt to the company’s unique culture
– Quick learner

He/She will be relocated at our 2 offices:
– FGT Kalayaan, Quezon City
– University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) College, Laguna

Any interested applicants may just prepare 2×2 most recent picture and yer most comprehensive resume..nerd Just ping me then thru walkingnewspaper[at]gmail[dot]com.
walkingnewspaper FIRST WALKER

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