Picture! Picture!

I can’t think of anything to write now. I’m bombarded with millions of thoughts. While dropping, I just noticed that Ate Jean has tagged me. LOL! She haven’t notified me yet. But, it’s ok. I just grabbed it since am really really sure I got my name there – GAGAY, wahahah! *crazy freaky me!*
Well, I wanted to disobey the rules. *hardheaded me!*.. I want to tag first some, I hope they wouldn’t be like me, heheh!, friends – Shyn, Mel, Te Twinks, Te Lainy, Te Michelle, Mr. Bill and Te Grace..And now, here’s the rules (don’t be like me, please, am really sometimes hardheaded, should you just follow this one..):

“Use Google image to search the answers to the questions below. You must choose a picture from the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that, tag 7 people.”

(1) The age of my next birthday
(2) Place I’d like to travel to
(3) Favourite food
(4) Favourite place
(5) One of my nicknames
(6) Favourite color
(7) College major
(8) Name of my love
(9) Hobby
(10) Bad habits
(11) My wishlist

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