After heading back from school, along the way, was planning to monetize my medical blog. I started it last November 2008 and since, I assume we all knew it, one of the necessary requirements for one’s blog to be approved in some blogger thingy is how old yer blog, ayt? I think my medical blog is old enough for it to be approved. *chuckles*

Well then, I remembered my personal diary’s status now. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I haven’t received any opps’ notifications yet from SR, BBR, BW, Sm and even from PPP and SS> since the last week of January. Just then I remembered right after my mum’s birthday celebration, I and my sister – Wewee, were talking about having the family business’ own webpage. That time also, I changed my email address (account info) from the above mentioned blog money-making websites. And I damnly forgot to check that email address since January (this year). Can I punch myself? When I checked the email address (the new one) this morning, I found there a lot of notifications – from being approved, reminders of completions and expired opps! *bogsh* *bogsh* *bogsh* I am somehow lazy in checking directly the webpages if there are opps, I am just relying on email notifications. Grrrrrrrrr…. Hate it! Believe it or not, for more than a month of doing nothing with opps, these were those missed opps: 18 from SR (approved and expired), BBR – 9 (approved and expired), 3 from BW (notifications), 9 direct ads from Sm and 10 available post reviews. I know that you knew owredi the procedures in PPP and SS, wasn’t able to grab the opps there.

For now, am thinking of whether to monetize the medical blog or not..

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