The LINE is BUSY at the MOMENT!

March is definitely THE HELL MONTH for all UP (University of the Philippines) students. I think I need not to elaborate more..
*this is my werk place at the

Molecular Biology Laboratory*

I will be out for days, I dunno yet when am coming back.. I neither drop nor blog for days.. Pardon me to miss a lot of updates.. But, I will really try to cope with this up so soon! I am hoping that somehow I can still drop and blog during my vacant time, if I can, I really will! I will be missing FC and TC!
Hopefully, as am coming back, I’ll be having some good news to all of you! I really hope and want to give you a lot of surprises!

For now, just wishin’ you won’t be leaving me even am gettin’ busy and not to be able to drop by at yer sites.. I will really be back so soooooon! Keep blogging!

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