Weekend SPA-shot

I know all of you here have been irritated bising with my “I’m so busy” and “not feelin’ well” lines, and even at school, actually. Whata cliche, gagay!!! Well, even I, I can say that I am also damn tired and irritated with lots of things these days. Somehow, seeing friends dropping, leaving some love and encouraging me to fight of what am having now is definitely a very good emotional relaxation for me. However, physically, am still stressed. tension My mum has told me to have me a spa, however, I still can’t manage my sched to go to spa center where we usually are having. sedih
fikir Great enough that one of my friends introduced me last week, I guess that was on March 10 a face massage video where he has checked it online. He said that with our busy scheds, surely, we could still manage to have our spa even at home. I was thinking then if am gonna have one or not. We checked it online then. There are actually a lot of aesthetic videos available aside from massage video which were produced by medical experts such as the chemical peel dvd and the microdermabrasion dvd. senyumkenyitThis morning, my mum, dad and nephew arrived. My mum asked me again to have us a spa. I told her I still cannot coz of a very short time I have, maybe an hour to go out. And it’s not enough to count for the traffic and it’s Saturday so there are a lot of costumers, and more. I just decided to be at home after my mum checked for some dresses for their graduation rites (ooops, not mine yet! it’s for their school! jelir)

Just then, I tried checking the links which we checked before. And oh, that was really great. With those bulks of videos they’re having, I stopped at eyebrow contouring. malu It’s not my waterloo. However, I’m just really crazy shaping my eyebrows. I don’t go to salon to have this, but I really do it by myself. And I am really glad that I found this video store which provides me a lot of tips on how to make my eyebrow more beautious as I’ve been doing. malu Actually, I haven’t purchased any DVD or VHS yet coz it needs more days to arrive here. Great that they are available on payperview, so I just tried it at payperview coz I really can’t wait longer to have my new contoured eyebrow. senyumkenyit Since I got no credits yet, my friend just paid it for me. sengihnampakgigi

After the video?!? Guess what!?!? It was really awesome. I really learned a lot from it. One wouldn’t worry on the aestheticians there coz they are licensed and easy to be understood, in the first place, and the procedures they are introducing are not only for women, but are also available for men.

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