..will fly to Long Beach California..

..for Britt and Adams wedding ceremony, hopefully I can attend, this April 4, 2009. *sigh*

Last February 2, Britt had a contest – commenting, a very simple one. It’s just that you’ll comment on the post. Actually, I haven’t had any idea at first that it was a contest since I am just used to comment on her posts – I was following her preparations for their wedding. She said, she’ll be giving away CDs which are also their give-away for their wedding. Whew! It’s like am also there – attending the ceremony, isn’t it?

And on February 8, Britt randomly chose the winners. Fortunately, I WON! And now, just this morning (March 2), I received the CD package. Wooohooo!

*pardon with my digital camera, i still haven’t fixed the LCD*

Here’s the list of the songs (lovin’ the songs):

Feels Like Home
Hungry Like the Wolf
Be Be Your Love
All For You
Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)
Hey Julie
Don’t Stop Believin’
The Show
In My Life
Only Wanna Be With You
The Way I Am
Accidentally in Love

I feel like am gonna be attending the wedding ceremony of Britt’s.. hehe! Though am definitely not be going there.. With the CD, that Britt has sent me, is already one good thing to be somehow like being there on their wedding ceremony..

Thank you Ms. Britt. And hoping you have a very memorable wedding ceremony.


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