Are hemorrhoids hereditary?

I was sleeping in a water bed, windows were open so air can just freely come in and out and electric fan (I prefer e-fan more than air conditioner coz of my sweetie varicose veins) was turned on also. Basically, the room’s temperature was very conducive for sleeping. However, I woke up at 5 AM, this morning, sweating. penatI just can’t fully understand why it happened though was not palpitating nor having a nightmare.
After minutes of realizing things out, soal I remembered I and my aunt (we’re calling her mommy, my mum’s younger sister) have talked in my dream last night. Actually, she’s gone already. She died after suffering from breast cancer, for 2 years, last 2007 in Australia. I really do not know what the dream would mean to me. We only talked about her operation (removal of her hemorrhoids) she has undergone before, I just forgot the date when she had it, and advised me (in my dreams) not to undergo operations for my hemorrhoids.

Studies revealed that there are no proofs yet concluding that hemorrhoids are hereditary. This is what I had been longing to know whether true or not, though educated guesses were already been constructed; are hemorrhoids hereditary?

Almost 90% in our family has been suffering from hemorrhoids. I even have it. nangih I can’t exactly remember when I first had this, but what I can remember the first time I observed this was that my mum told me to lessen my cravings from eating spicy hot food. I asked her why, though was still very puzzled that time, my mum just told me that for me not to suffer more from it, I should just to follow what she advised me. Thence, I was striving hard nangih to eat spicy food lesser than the usual.

However, every before having my monthly period, it has always been catching my attention because of the pain that sometimes I need to just stay in bed. It even bleeds. nangih What’s worst is everytime I sit, it feels like I have sat into something very disgusting. It’s very uncomfortable. One time, I and my friends were riding on a single motorcycle that I even lost my balance because of the irritating and distressing feeling I had that time.

When we knew that mommy has gone through operations before, I even asked my mum if I can have it too. Mommy shared to us and even explained to me how she really suffered from hemorrhoids when she was pregnant with her second boy – Shaun. In my thoughts, would it be happening to me too? Same as me, mommy was hot-spicy-food-addict also. This is one reason why I was thinking of possibly I might be experiencing what she experienced before. Thence, I convinced my mum. However, she didn’t allow me. She even told me to never try it and would be better to consult from experts. I insisted to either look for hemorrhoid treatments or have me an operation. My mum insisted with me more. What she did instead was that she looked for best hemorrhoids treatments reviewed online for me to have the best information and could choose from those. She even look for best hemorrhoids treatment with pills and checked how to purchase those for me.garupale

This morning, immediately after waking up, I told to my mum ’bout what I dreamt. She wasn’t even sure what the dream would really mean. literally. However, it might be something to do with my plans to do with my hemorrhoids. I don’t exactly know yet.soal

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