At home this summer

It’s summer, in the Philippines, once again! senyumkenyit I was thinking then of good things to do this summer aside from family and friends’ outing, the usual. Since the college life has just ended, I mean, I will be graduating and marching month – the exact date will still be a surprise, I really can’t think of any good thing to do then. Enrollment for medical school will still be this June, so I might be doing nothing the whole April and May!?!?tanduk Oh no, I might be getting fatter, I hate it! nangih

However, as I checked my PR for both of my blogs, I forgot when I really did it, gelakguling only one thing which dances on my mind then to do this summer. And it is just to do blogging. sengihnampakgigi

Though I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, this will be the first summer that I will just be focusing merely on blogging. No field works. No laboratories. No school. Only at home – with my lovely computer. kenyit

You might be wondering what am gonna do. takbole Guess what!?!? jelir Blog advertising! Oh yeah, I will just be sitting the prettiest in front of my computer where am just gonna be writing what advertisers want me to write then. Very easy, right!?!garupaleI still don’t need to worry of the efforts – my articles/posts coz they’ll be all paid, off course, monthly! Aside from that, my blogs’ traffic will surely be increasing more. Who knows, I’ll be getting higher PR the next months then. soalOne more which interests me most of this is that I’m not going to be such stressed like working in offices coz basically, I am just the one clicking my schedule with me and will be working anytime I want. So I still won’t be missing friends’ and family outing. fikir
Isn’t this a very good idea to do this summer? rindu Whatcha think!?!

Hit your keyboards now while the summer is still hot. Sign up and get paid to blog.


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