..with those long URLs. tension
I have been receiving forwarded emails from friends, who used to be bloggers also, where they are attaching URLs – sharing links with me. At first, I was just thinking they might be in a rush – a quikie update or they just forgot to shorten those linkies. However, for months, actually a year of exchanging mails – updating through emails, I noticed that they’re still using long URLs. I was thinking then if they didn’t know how to shorten long URL then. soal

I might be wrong hah coz I really do not know why they keep on sending long, I mean, the exact URL it is, even we’re chatting at yahoo, google, skype or MSN. angkatkening

Once, I shared to one of my friend, she’s not a blogger though, but since she asked me on how to do it coz she found my emails so sexy senyumkenyit for her, I taught her how to shorten long URL. She shared to me that she tried looking for trackable tiny URL hosts through the internet, however, she failed coz she found those links not working adus – untrackable. Just then I found one good site which shorten long URL. I tried it myself, decided to use it and shared then I shared it to her. And she was very glad to have it. kenyit

Isn’t it too sexy malu to have shortened URL, ayt!?!? Whatcha think!?!


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