Graduation Treat: Guess When!?

It’s holy days now doa..and our family is planning to have these days to be at home, in our province-farm, until before the day of my graduation. With these days, I wouldn’t be around until 2 days after graduation. Yayks! Whattaa vacation! ngantuk I will just be gaining more fats then. sengihnampakgigi

I will be off from blogging, dropping, chopping and luving (comments). Oh no!!! But hopefully, I could steal a time to do PB, drop and chop. nangih
BTW, I and te ellaine just talked earlier and things are going better now. tepuktangan I mean, the polling and the contest itself. Hopefully, there will be no other technical problems te ellaine, in her contest, be facing and the other contestants also. Pardon me te ellaine..For now before I go, I just want to leave something for you all. I will be letting you to guess when will be the exact date of my graduation. The first five to guess will receive a special gift from me. I will just be refering to the time from when you comment – it will be indicated on the comment box. You can only try to guess twice. tepuktangan The clues!?!? That will be a week after next week, within school days! Try guessing now!!!Happy Holy Days Friends!!! angel

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