Great Graduation Gifts: PR 2 and Backlinks

It’s already early days of April and time for PR checking. *drum roll please* xpasti

Shaking. Sweating. penat

I first checked my medical blog‘s PR, though have checked it already just last month. Its PR haven’t changed – still PR 2. Not that bad. Thence, I checked my personal blog’s PR. I was shocked seeing the twinkling PR 2 on it. Yayks! tepuktangan I am really happy that my PR has got back; it isn’t 3, as before though.
This is indeed a great graduation gift for me. Who wants to tagay with me!?! celebrate

Anyway, both, the medical and this – personal, blogs of mine are all “no-follow” free. Should you comment and add my blogs so can add you then in my blogroll.


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