Halloween Costume for Graduation!?

Have I told you that it’s already confirmed that I will really graduate this April 2009? tepuktangan And I will be enrolling the soonest in a medical school. nerd

I am really thankful and happy that I finally made it to be called ISKA. Yayks! kenyit

This morning, before we had our kiddie outing (8 year-old cousins’ friends), I supposed not to be with them but my aunt insisted just for me to chill out for a while from stressful school stuffs – so I joined with them, I called my mum, adacall thru my mobile phone, regarding graduation thingy – clearances, finances, and the like and even some dreadful messages. topi

When my mum asked me what do graduates need to wear fikir – the color, how would the dress would look like and even the parents (escorts). My sister (who is with my mum in our farm now) shouted, in the mobile phone, “Halloween costume gay to be unique. gelakguling That would be your day, so must be unique!” I remembered weeks before her graduation day, she also called me and mum and asked us what she gotta wear with this and that motif and style for her graduation. She was an Octoberian – those who graduate every October though the graduation rites was on November 2008, so I told her before about choosing her graduation dresses from Halloween costumes. Gosh! Then my mum and sister just laughed at me this morning. “You can even add sexy classy Halloween costume safety accessories gay coz I know you’re such choosy, yayks!“, my sister added. gelakguling I told them if should I really need to wear such!?

*whatcha think, doa how do look like if I’ll wear something like this!?!* hah

Our university – University of the Philippines Mindanao, do not require graduates to wear graduation gown. What we are required to have are just a pair of white closed-shoes (those shoes which toes shouldn’t be exposed and of 2 inches high) and an elegant dirty-white-colored dress which should be more than a knee length and must have sleeves. For the parents, anything will do for as long as they look or feel suited to the event with what they wear. UP doesn’t require parents to wear specific suits like Filipiniana or what like other universities do.


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