Hurt from a contest

I am honestly hurt after knowing that the polls casted for me since yesterday on te ellaine’s contest were all void.

My friends are advising me not to think of the contest more. Whether I will win or not, they are still my avid reader and supporter of my blog, as they have said while cheering me up.

As having fun chatting with them, one of our friends has just pinged us that they already arrived from a two-week long vacation, actually just a trip, abroad. Thence, we talked of their experiences and the things she did. Her family was just having a something-like a world tour. She even invited us to have our trip also. She said they haven’t experienced any hassles from coming in and out in every countries coz of the car hire Barcelona, car hire Orlando, car hire Glasgow and other places they have visited. With car hire, everything are hassle-free from transferring to one taxi to another. Another thing which made them smile more was that car hire Leeds, specifically, was very pocket-friendly. They didn’t even had headaches on the traffic syndrome coz of the comfort of the cars. Other friend of mine added that she and her boyfriend has visited Luton and even tried car hire Luton.

Oh no! With those talks, I am thinking now of flying somewhere else! fikir Whatcha think!?!?

Is there anyone there who’ll take all the expenses for my trip!?!? tepuktangan jelir


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