JS-Kit Problem

Tonight, I was commenting te twinks new post, having more than 10 comments, after refreshing the page for me to know if I were the FC, was shocked hah when all of my comments were all gone.
I asked te twinks if she can see my comments. However, she didn’t find any. Few minutes after, GP (Mariuca) also pinged te twinks regarding the same problem I had earlier. Hours after, even te twinks herself tried commenting on my post found out that her comments were all gone. Te maxi also observed it after leaving some comments at te twinks new post.

I was first thinking if only my browser has something wrong. I even tried it using 4 other browsers (I have 5 browsers installed in my computer) and to other blogs. However, as other bloggers tried commenting on other pages, the same thing happened.

I am hoping that JS Kit will be, or say, is already aware with the problem and will doing, the soonest, some things for the commenting system, from them, that we – bloggers, are using.


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