sengihnampakgigi Cheers to my March Top Droppers. Linky Love for the whole month of April at my droppers fame is waiting for you.. love
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gile Should you send to me your widget codes!? jelir

For my MARCH TOP WALKER, te elai made it to be the most of the WALKS. Yayks!!! tepuktangan Te ellaine also made it to the ALL TIME WALKER. tepuktangan And for my FIRST WALKER, minum coffee for you mr. bill..oh no!!! not coffee, I forgot, beer for you beerman! jelirAll TOP DROPPERS, Top Walker, Top Walker for All Time and First Walkers will have a linky love for whole month of April.

Anyway, for those who endlessly WALK and DROP at walkingnewspaper and even in my medical blog, huggs and cheers for you all!
For those who want to be featured as FW, TW and TD for the whole month of May, you can follow me for you to grab the hottest of the latest post I would have here and at my medical blog.


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