I used to be boyish men2 act differently men then. I even go to gallera with my grandfather who used to raise fighting cocks. Aside from that, I’ve been loving ball games; basketball, lawn and table tennis, badminton, softball, those. And my playmates -all boys. My mum thought then if am gonna be boyish. gatai

Nevertheless, there’s really one ball game, I don’t know if I can call it my frustration my dream ball game to be mastered at, which made me crazy to stop by at those nearest play sites at home. It is golf.

I really wanted to master know how to play golf. I first tried it when we got to visit Mindanao State University (MSU) Golf Course in Marawi City with my mum and sister. Gosh! I couldn’t even hit the ball. nangih Too small, isn’t it?, for me to even just touch it.

I know that was just the first time. Embarrassing, it was but didn’t stop me to try it again. And yes, I indeed tried again. But just here in Davao City. I was glad I’d able to hit once, tepuktangan jelir only once! That was great, for me, wasn’t it!? I told it to mum and she just laughed gelakguling at me. She even asked me what have I eaten to try golf. Bowling is enough, she added.

Just then, keeping everything secret from mum, because of my hopes to have my own golfing materials, I tried to look for golf shop at the malls for me to try harder and harder golfing. However, nothin’ yet fascinated me. Off course, I also tried online golfshop. And yes, got one site where I have checked even those simple yet sexy fitted for summer golfing shirts for women at golfbekleidung.

So funny what happened then. I’d able to share it to my mum, accidentally, coz I wanted her to buy one for me. I even excitedly shared to her how I felt as I’ve found the site and could purchase one from there. And again, she just told me, “Bowling is enough”. So I just shut my mouth up. gigitjari



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