Yesterday, when I able to publish my polling post (RALLY FOR ELECTIOON 2009) on te ellaine‘s contest, minutes after that, I already had my friend’s vote. I was pretty sure of that coz te ellaine commented also that indeed there was a voter. However, THAT WAS NOT COUNTED AND ALL OF THE OTHER VOTES made for me. Te ellaine told me that there were no information filled by friends (who polled for me) and that, the polls wouldn’t be counted. Te ellaine even specified to me that information are indeed needed.

Thence, I told it to some of my friends. However, they told me, “isn’t that easy to vote for you gay!?!?only that?after we click, then it!?!“. There are no forms to fill in. After they click the banner, then the word “POLL”, a thank you message just popped up. Nothing then. Out of my curiosity, I even tried to click once how really the polling goes on. Indeed, there were no INFORMATION-FILLING FORMS popping out.

Just recently, a few minutes before now, te ellaine emailed me this.. banyakckp

kindly click to enlarge

Only the poll entries for me were not counted!?!?! tension


Te ellaine advised me to let my friends REVOTE for me. Oh!! How can I do that!?!? I don’t even know who among my friends voted for me except those who pinged me!?!?
One more, is it my fault if the information form is not popping out!?!? I, even my friends, were just following every rules and instructions being said. Te ellaine said that it was polldaddy’s fault maintenance thingy yesterday which affects my polls’ results.
I don’t know what to do.


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