POLLS UPDATE: 11 invalid votes

Te ellaine sent me SMS earlier regarding the polling for her contest. She informed regarding the invalid votes casted for me like the URLs and the email addresses. There were actually 12 votes since yesterday (Apr 9) 6PM (Phil time) for me, however, 11 of those were invalid.hahAt first, it was poll daddy’s technical fault problem, that was why te ellaine asked me to let my friends to revote for me after 6 PM (Phil Time) yesterday (April 9). Though wasn’t able to ping all of my previous voters, more than 10 who has voted for me since the first day of polling that were affected with poll daddy’s fault problem, 12 of my voters casted their votes since yesterday yet 11 of which are invalid. sedih

Te ellaine told me that voters might don’t want to show up there email addresses or blogs’ URL. These are just some of the informations needed to be filled in for the judges and even te ellaine herself would know that the voters are all bloggers, though am pretty sure indeed they are.

On the other hand, more than 5 of my friends has been pinging me that they cannot revote for me since 6PM last April 9 because the script that would show up after clicking “POLL” was all dark and for other friends, the form would say invalid URLs yet filling the correct and even tried using just the WWW or the HTTP formats.

hahhahhahhahhah I am puzzled.

But anyway, for those who haven’t voted for me yet, kindly fill in the necessary informations needed for your votes for me be counted like your name, blog URL or webpage, email address, reasons why you’d casted your votes and other * (starred) areas.

Thank you so much for your support, friendslove. And to all other contestantslove, best of luck for us. To te twinkslove, tagay!!! sengihnampakgigi And to te ellainelove, thank you for always updating me.

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