Goodbye Swimwears?

There will only be two weeks to wait before the start of classes in the medical school. I will be soaring again more stresses and depressions! Oh no!!!Should I say goodbye swimdresses now? And have to feel like the medical school will be happily welcoming me?

Even I am still thinking of the books and other things to do in medical school, I am feeling of being drowned!!!

Gosh! I haven’t fully felt the essence of summer vacations yet. My vacation was just spent for only a month. I am still having a hang-over of summer get-aways. I still wanted more days for summer vacation. huhu! I could say that I am not over yet from wearing over and over again my swimsuit. I know it’s not that good looking, however, I am more comfortable to wear it compared to my other one piece swimsuits. Woops! Maybe you’re thinking that I was wearing it everyday? haha. I only wear it at night for it not to be very obvious that I was just keep on wearing it again and agin. haha. However, photographs can prove it. waaaaaaaah!

Anyway, honestly, I am still longing for longer vacation. I can’t say I am not ready for medical school, but I am just wanting for a rest from stresses everywhere!

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